Keen Halloween

For some people, every day is Halloween. For others, it’s a little less than 7 months away. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ Metro area, both types of people have something to look forward to this year: the return of Keen Halloween! I got to go to this event for it’s first two years, and was greatly saddened when the organizers had to give it a rest due to time constraints and conflicting schedules. But this year, it’s back – September 24th and 25th, 2016!

What IS Keen Halloween? I’m so glad you asked!  Keen Halloween is a small convention focused on vintage and family oriented Halloween fun. There are plenty of original artists that attend where you can buy one -of-a-kind art, costume bits, comics, cards, paintings, games, knick-knacks, etc., interspersed with How-To demonstrations on costuming, make-up and themed performances!

When I last went, I was able to pick up a plush werewolfie from the Little Vampire’s table, along with art and a Monster Medic satchel from SteamCrow, a unique Haunted Mansion pattern apron with a crystal ball accent (super cute! She had a bunch of different, handmade aprons, all Halloween themed), a create your own monster card set, and people were taking pictures with the pumpkin-headed SteamCrow the way kids usually take pictures with Santa Claus.

Our local haunter group – AZ Haunters – is planning on having a table there this year, and I’m probably going to be helping hold down the fort.  Be sure to come by and say hi!

As the event draws closer, activities and participating artists will be announced on the main page. In the meantime, you can still head over to to get familiar with the event and check out the related articles they post to give you that year-round Halloween Fix!

Hope to see you there!

Pumpkin Wishes and Bat Kisses,




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